Take On A Journey Back in Time at This Ample Knowledgeable Park, “Na Satta”

Formerly Siam Culture Park, Na Satta has been refurbished
by a group of devouts who aim to create a place for
peace, and to integrate modern ways of education into
this ample knowledgeable park. “Na Satta”, which
literally means “at faith”, is now inviting everyone of all
ages to go on a compelling expedition of faith, just an
hour’s drive from Bangkok.


Throughout the history of Thailand, the evolution and changes did not just miraculously occur. There were thoughtful and determined people behind those uphill struggles to change. Apart from the inspiration earned from hearing about those honourable individuals, learning how far we’ve come with their strives could wake us up to be more conscious of what we have here in Thailand, and to be more careful not to impair it.

At Na Satta Memorial Hall, not only are powerful stories told, you will witness the most refined life-sized replicas of the people behind them. Taking a long time to complete each of them, all wax figures meticulously imitate the individuals, even to the tiniest details.

Inside the house, there are two floors to be explored. Once you scan the QR code in front of each figure, you can learn more about their greatness through spellbinding short movies on your device. Besides, enjoyable interactive AR (augmented reality) will appear from time to time. What a playful way to learn!

On the first floor, you could learn about lives and respectable contributions of ML Pin Malakul, who played an important role in the education system; Seub Nakhasathien, one of the greatest Thai wildlife conservationists, who sacrificed everything to protect his beloved forest; former prime minister, influential Thai political leader, as well as the founder of Thammasat University, Pridi Banomyong; and nine other honoured people.

Walking upwards to the second floor is the heart-warming “Srinagarindranusorn” room, displaying figures of graceful Princess Srinagarindra, or widely known as “Somdej Ya” (meaning in Thai “the grandmother”, as she is the mother of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who has been acclaimed as “the father” of all Thai people), whose altruism and benevolence are greatly respected by millions of people. Throughout the floor, you will learn more about her incalculable contributions
to Thai society, as well as her talents and personal interests. Another chamber is called “Mahitalanusorn”, with stories of Somdej Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadejvikrom, also known as Mahidol Adulyadej, the father of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


Apart from written history, Buddhism is one of the major faiths in Thailand. Jataka stories and other Buddhist fables have been customarily taught in Thai schools for decades, but now that we are living in a more technological world, learning Buddhism and its history doesn’t need to be in a traditional form – especially here at Na Satta, where students and visitors can learn through spectacular three-dimensional storytelling.

Inside an immense hall made of bricks and woods, with Buddha Images of Three Historical Periods, is another world to
explore. You are welcome to sit right before a majestic Buddha’s image, and travel back to the ancient days of Sukhothai, Chiang Saen, and U-Thong for some minutes. The beautiful imagery narrative of three styles of Buddha images is an educational captivation, resulting from a spectacular combination of old-time tradition and modern technology. Please note that this hall is not to be missed!

Moving on to the Cave of Jataka Stories nearby the hall, experience the 3D anecdote of Angulimala, who lost his moral way by killing countless people before meeting Lord Buddha. The story might as well be a symbol of how spiritual metamorphosis through practising Buddhist teachings could create people’s lives. The walk through the dark cave, revealing the religious story in a comprehensible way, changes the whole learning experience.



Learning about Thailand wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one-off Thai dwelling architecture. Being wooden and
meticulous, the gleaming charm of traditional Thai houses from four regions are clustered right here at Na Satta among shady trees and green gardens. Also, this is one of the most photogenic spots, especially when you are wearing traditional Thai costumes (Thai costumes rental is available).

Apart from the architectural beauty, what you will learn is Thai folkways. There will be special activities for guests to enjoy trying the good old routines. And, of course, AR games are on site.

Inside Na Satta, delicious Thai cuisine is freshly served at RosSatta, and Thai herbal products and refreshing drinks are on offer. What I love about Na Satta is how they bring back my childhood memories with nostalgic toys at a souvenir shop.

There are some additional engaging spots at Na Satta. For more information, visit


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