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  The award-winning tented camp, Capella Ubud, Bali, today unveiled an exclusive weekend with celebrated architect and hospitality designer Bill Bensley, who invites guests to accompany him on a kaleidoscope of activities perfect for art and design enthusiasts. Having created over 200 resorts, hotels and palaces in more than 30 countries, inclusive of Capella Ubud, Bali, Bensley is known for his eclectic flair and for challenging the way that hotels are built and operate, which in Capella Ubud, Bali’s case resulted in the conceptualization of the camp with minimal intervention to the natural environment as well as preserving the rich history and heritage of Indonesia. Guests will be able to join Bill Bensley on a curated art tour through the camp grounds and Bali, participate in a sketch class, a morning run and two dinners, and will receive one personalized, signed copy of Bill Bensley’s coffee table book “Escapism,” and a drawing of the tent that guests will stay in during the weekend. The tent accommodations include high-end amenities and a relaxing 75-minutes Balinese massage. This one-of-kind experience offers guests a truly unique way to experience Bali through the eyes of one of the world’s most iconic designers. Outlined below is a detailed list of the package offerings, combined with the amenities regularly offered at the property: A curated guided art tour through the camp and Bali by Bill Bensley A visit to Neka museum with a private guided tour to explore a large collection of Rudolf Bonnet’s works together with Bill Bensley who is an avid and passionate collector of Bonnet’s works followed by a picnic lunch will served en-route to the Bensley design Studio in Sanur A trip to Bill Bensley’s favorite antique stores on the island. A sketch class and a guided morning run with Bill Bensley One Rijsttafel dinner at Mads Lange and an Omakase dinner at Api Jiwa hosted by Bill Bensley One personalized, signed copy of Bill Bensley’s coffee table book “Escapism” One personalized, a signed drawing of the tent that will be yours during this weekend A 75-minutes Balinese massage per person 3% of percentage of the revenue that is generated by this weekend package will be donated to the Shinta Mani Foundation, an organization founded by Bill Bensley that seeks to improve the lives of Cambodians and Cambodian communities. Capella Ubud, Bali also gives back to the local community by supporting ongoing corporate social responsibilities programs that create employment, preserve the local cultural heritage, procuring local food and beverage products, promoting education, sustainability and preserving the environment. The package is valid for stays from November 1, 2019 – November 3, 2019 at the one-bedroom tents. Rates start from USD 1300 plus 11% tax and 10% service charge per tent, per night. In order for guests to enjoy all of the activities, they must arrive by 11:00 am on November 1, 2019. Reservations are subject to availability. Cancellation fees of 100% of room charge with taxes for the entire stay will apply immediately upon confirmation. Nonrefundable 100% full prepayment is

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, five Airbnb hosts with homes that look like they belong on the Moon will offer their stay for US$11 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees, for a limited selection of dates occurring throughout August, September, October, and November*. This deal will be available for bookings made on July 20th, starting between 8am and 9am ET.  From a replica of a spaceship to a flying saucer, these “interstellar” homes are sure to transport you to the galaxy and beyond! Apollo 11 Spaceship, Pukaki, New Zealand US$11 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. Availability: September 13-15, 2019 and September 27-29, 2019. Ready for takeoff! Here’s your chance to stay in a once in a lifetime spaceship modeled after Apollo 11. To boot, the host, Peter, built this capsule from scratch! You can thank your lucky stars this house has all the necessities, plus you can lie in bed at night and peer through the window above, stargazing and imagining you’re flying through space. Take in the beauty when the sun sets and during the day enjoy a hike near Mount Cook.   Architect’s Off-Grid Stargazing, Twentynine Palms, California US$11 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. Availability: August 9-11, 2019 and August 16-18, 2019.   UFO Futuro Styled Flying Saucer, Redberth United Kingdom US$11 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. Availability: September 27-29, 2019 and October 4-6, 2019. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a flying saucer! Take note of how other lifeforms travel through space and sleep in this replica spaceship equipped with beds, a dining area, and even gaming classics for entertainment. This unique stay will be sure to be out of this world!   Moon Camp: A Joshua Retreat, Joshua Tree, California US$11 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. Availability: August 16-18, 2019 and September 6-8, 2019. Travelers who fancy an off-the-grid stay will love this moon-like retreat. Enjoy the abundant amenities such as a gym, hammock, fire pit and grill while you gaze at the twinkling constellations. Fit for relaxation, exploration, and innovation, this home is also self-sustaining – powered entirely by solar panels. Your adventure awaits.   Unique and Secluded Airship, Scotland, United Kingdom US$11 per night, plus applicable taxes and fees. Availability: October 24-26, 2019 and November 21-23, 2019. Located on a picturesque island, this spacious airship is a work of art. This sustainable getaway has all the amenities you could hope for -- from an espresso machine to an indoor fireplace. Grab a cozy blanket and unwind on the deck spotting the Big Dipper or Orion’s Belt -- you’ll feel like you’re on another planet.  

Joining the whole nation to celebrate the Royal Coronation Ceremony of King Rama X, Trocadero Time, the leading sole watch distributor in Thailand, in collaboration with Klasse14 Italian fashion watch brand have produced special edition timepieces to commemorate His Majesty the King on this auspicious occasion. In honour of the new King of Thailand, the special edition timepieces are exclusively created and graciously granted the permission to feature the coronation emblem at the 12 o’clock position on the dial. The design of these commemorative timepieces consist of an elegant rose gold plated case with white sunray brushed dial and perfectly matched with Royal Blue Italian leather strap. Limited only 1,000 pieces separated in two different sizes: 40mm for gentleman limited for 600 pieces and 36mm for lady limited for 400 pieces with the serial number engraved on the case back and come in the special design box in yellow colour. It is a great opportunity for Thai people to show the loyalty and admiration of the King’s graciousness on this nation historic occasion. These special edition timepieces will be first launched for the watch aficionados and those interested in owning these remarkable timepieces to reserve at Klasse14 pop-up store in Siam Paragon Watch Expo 2019 during 9 July – 7 August.

CANITT continue to design clothes to raise confidence in women and enhance their identity choosing the feminine looks in the blazer ‘Le Smoking’ to be the inspiration of this collection. Collection: PORTRAIT OF LADY C, the newest looks of CANITT that is not only answering the natural beauty aspect of women but array the elegant leadership that is what Khanidtha Daroonnate creative director always concentrated on. Therefore the framework of the suits portrayed image of professionalism have been reconstructed to matches the brand identity Dazzling, Magnificent and Graceful. “In the past the design of CANITT gave importance to pattern and prints that portray alluring and seductive looks. For this collection we persuaded the women of CANITT to dress in masculine style to see how they shine ‘Le Smoking’. The first idea that pops up was Vibeke Knudsen in the black powerful blazer by Yves Saint Laurent shot by Helmut Newton in 1975 revolution of sexual equality simple yet elegant style raised the confidence in women so as their true meaning” said the creative director. Tailored made pattern style have been use for the first time in design of shirts, blazers and clean cut long pants that would brings out the prominence and professional looks in them. The overall looks of this collection have been design with interesting details by the design team. The C-shape metal representing the brand in form of 2 hooks joining together. The masculine form and freedom in design that created for CANITT women to able to enjoy mix and match the design pieces during this season for their elegant essence and attraction. Meet the leadership characteristic reflecting creativity of CANITT women being shown through shades of Glamour Green and Bestie Brown to corporate the sweet design of simple yet elegant as definitions of strong women in the newest collection: PORTRAIT OF LADY C Now! Silhouette & Technique This collection consisted of variety of framework and cuttings which is always the identity of CANITT. Feminine Blouse shirts with masculine clean cutting for every occasion play suits that concentrated on the luxurious texture. Elegant and simple is always the heart of design through pattern with interesting details while there’s movement so as the draping design at the waistline are also signature of CANITT brand for the real CANITT women. Fabrics This collection fabric choice concentrated on luxurious texture preparation for winter such as special matte velvet which perfectly matches with cutting of masculine style blazer along with silk satin that is rigid and more durable than natural textile. The choice of best quality materials for comfort ability and confidence of the user.

Off the back of the biggest sustainability event in the region last year, the organisers of PHIST (Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism) 2019 have a message for all eco warriors: “Get down with digital and set the cameras rolling – with the filter set to green.” The brainchild of PHIST co-founder Bill Barnett, Green Beat 60 is an innovative video competition that offers a completely no-holds barred opportunity for budding eco activists to show their passion and creativity to shoot for a minute on what makes them mad about the environmental mess we are in. “When it comes to the environment, the kids leading the way – just look at Greta Thunberg and the School Strike 4 Climate campaign. So let’s listen to them. Green Beat 60 lets all comers, including schoolkids and students, share their ideas about the environment, what it means to them, and how the future will look unless we get it sorted. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it doesn’t matter how insane it is – we’re listening,” Bill said Green Beat 60 invites all ages to create 60-second videos on an environmental theme that really matters to them. Climate change, ocean plastic, deforestation, wildlife extinction, food shortages, soil degradation. “Unfortunately the list of critical issue facing Planet Earth is long. But we’re creating an opportunity to bang the drum about it,” added Bill. No special equipment is needed; any mobile device or digital camera will do. Drone shots are also welcome. So whether you’re a student with an exciting project, a school class saving the rainforest, colleagues curing climate change, or simply someone with a story to tell, we want to hear from you. Documentaries, sketches, skits, vlogs and music videos are all invited, as long as they don’t exceed 60 seconds. Filmmakers will be judged in eight categories, ranging from primary school age to university students, families, community groups, hotels and more. The best film from each category will be screened at PHIST 2019, the sustainability forum that attracts over 500 tourism and hospitality delegates from across Southeast Asia. The top three entries will receive prizes, including THB65,000 (approx. US$1,600) worth of retail and hospitality vouchers, and the best film will win the Green Beat Best Film Award. An exciting new generation of eco warriors is emerging – let’s listen to them! Help us beat the green drum and save the Earth! To discover more about Green Beat 60, please visit

Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance & Music is back with its 21st edition celebrating the ultimate in opera, ballet, music and more from Sept 11 to Oct 23 This year Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance & Music celebrates 21 years of bringing the best in opera, ballet, music and more to a growing Bangkok audience. Scheduled from Sept 11 to Oct 23, this carefully curated six-week long Festival is full of performances that you don't want to miss, covering everything from the classical end of the scale all they way over to the modern and contemporary. The Festival opens with two classical operas: Turandot and Rusalka by Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre from Russia. The opera theatre, looked upon as a custodian of Russian and international musical traditions, is Russia’s oldest and has been recognized with 15 Golden Mask Awards (83 nominations). A prestigious award, the Golden Mask in Russia is the equivalent only to the Oscar and recognizes the best in all performing arts   Ekaterinburg Theatre’s first offering is Giacomo Puccini’s two-act opera Turandot (Sept 11), sung in Italian. The story set in China, has Prince Calaf falling in love with a coldhearted Princess. To marry her, a suitor must solve three riddles; wrong answers result in death. Calaf passes the test, but Turandot still refuses to marry him. He offers her a way out: if she is able to learn his name before dawn the next day, then at daybreak he will die. This remarkable version of Turandot features leading Italian tenor Paolo Lardinzzone playing Prince Calaf; Paolo has performed in leading opera theatres including La Scala of Milan and has been recognised with several awards. An extremely taxing role, Calaf demands a lot from the tenor, not only does he sing more than anyone else but the main duet “Nessun dorma” for which this opera is known for comes much later in the story.  And Paolo pulls it off with aplomb. Singing Turandot is an accomplished soprano: Zoya Tsererina from St Petersburg. No easy task, as Turandot too is a very demanding role. Interestingly Puccini left this opera incomplete and it fell to Franco Alfano to complete it based on sketches Puccini left behind. This is an opera full of show-stopping arias and an extremely dramatic score. And Ekateringburg Theatre turns into a spectacle that it was meant to be. On Sept 13, the company stages Antonin Dvorak’s Rusalka, an opera in three acts, sung in Czech. Of Dvorak’s 10 operas Rusalka has found a permanent place in the international repertoire of all major opera theatres. If the story of the Little Mermaid intrigues, Rusalka will positively enchant.  The story is simple: an immortal water nymph falls in love with a prince and yearns to become human. Dvorak’s score keeps the human and mythical worlds apart while it explores the disturbing universe of this Slavic fairy tale. With his music Dvorak brings into focus the essential differences between humans and supernatural beings. It's a dark tale of love, and differences that can never be bridged.

Whether it’s an unplanned holiday trip, an epic clash to save the world, friends experiencing daily life in the five boroughs or anything in between, storytellers in film and television have long chosen New York City as their setting. No matter your favorite genre, a trip to NYC is an opportunity to see where some of these iconic scenes came to life: For the sitcom lover Friends While Friends was primarily filmed in a studio, the West Village apartment where Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Chandler live and hang out is a real building on the corner of Bedford and Grove Streets. At its street level, you will find Mediterranean restaurant The Little Owl in the same space as the Central Perk café where Rachel works and Phoebe famously performs “Smelly Cat”. Additionally, the neighborhood houses a number of prominent Off-Broadway theaters including The Lucille Lortel Theatre, where aspiring actor Joey performs in the show’s earlier seasons. How I Met Your Mother While retracing Ted’s 11-season search for his wife, be sure to grab a drink at McGee’s, the Midtown Manhattan bar that inspired the gang’s go-to spot, MacLarens. Try what Marshall declares to be the best burger in NYC at ‘21’ Club; tour the Columbia University campus where Ted (unwittingly) first meets his wife; and have a legen

Harrods is known for its outstanding dining quality, well-sourced ingredients, along with renowned chefs with high culinary experiences. It is undoubtedly a dining destination for everyone to have an ultimate Western culinary experience here in Bangkok. More than 60 menus are felicitously selected by Harrods. The kitchen is nominated by Chef Nicholas Burel. The appetizer menu consists of Spicy Scallop and Mash, Truffle Cappuccino, and Diver Scallops and Mango Salad to make your mouth watered before going on to the main course.  ‘Harrods Heritage Willington’, the signature dish of Harrods, is the recommended main course offering both Beef Wellington and Salmon Wellington. The Beef Wellington is served with a great quality Australian beef tenderloin wrapped with foie gras and sautéed mushroom in a puff pastry served with sautéed vegetables and madeira sauce. For the Salmon Wellington dish, it comes with Norwegian salmon fillet wrapped with sautéed spinach and puff pastry, served with sautéed vegetables and beurre blanc sauce.  Apart from the must-try entrée, Harrods also offers Pan-Roasted juicy Kurobuta pork chop in black pepper sauce, served with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. On top of that, Deluxe Fish and Chips in beer-battered cod loin served with English fries, tartar sauce and malt vinegar is suggested. Harrods serves only the finest dishes cooked with traditional techniques by chef Nicholas Burel to reserve the authentic taste of Western culinary. Harrods, the temporary all-day dining restaurant, is awaiting for you to try the flavour of Western cuisine at Harrods at G floor, Siam Paragon, Harrods the Plantation Rooms at 2nd floor, Central Embassy, and Harrods Café and Ice Cream Parlour at G floor, Emquartier.