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Hidden in the bustling Ekamai area is an unmissable spot for all food connoisseurs: Restaurant Stage. Led by Chef Jay Sangsingkaew, who has obtained years of experience in French gastronomy, every single dish she and her team design is filled with creativity that creates utmost delectability. Having been a “stage”, meaning apprentice in French, at world-famous L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, she implements French techniques and adds touches of Modern European cuisine to the fares. Besides, the team is devoted to finding ingredients of highest quality and makes the best use of it. This is why their crafts are purely charming. By the time I visit the place, they are serving Nordic-inspired cuisine, which is quite an unusual experience in Bangkok. Snacks served to trigger the appetite are melt-in-your-mouth dried aged duck with shallot gel and cracker topped with ikura, to be enjoyed with kombucha. From the Sea comes next inside a shell. The pearl inside comprises 3 types of seaweed, poached-then-grilled squid giving fantastic texture, and passion fruit gel dressing. After the appetisers is a metallic box of wonders with ultimately refreshing senses. Placed right before me is fresh Hokkaido Bafun Uni that hides brown crab below itself. The sided white foam is made with Hokkaido milk corn and vanilla with subtle saltiness added. The bites are paired with Junmai daigingo sake, which is the highest grade of Japanese rice wine. As preservation has been a Nordic lifestyle for a long time, the chefs play with such tradition in a creative way. The slices of white tuna belly confit, smoked trout, and pickled mackerel may look quite simple, but they are exceptionally tasty, especially with pickled white asparagus and horseradish ice cream. Apart from being heavenly in taste, it is a very nutritious dish with essential fatty acids. Moving on from the sea, From the Land is quite a unique dish of meticulously dry-aged venison tartare, served with truffle dressing, lavender, and clove. Pairing with a glass of earthy Pinot Noir, this is a blissful sensation. The previous dishes are already wonderful, but the next plate surprises me even harder. A Spanish Carabineros is transformed into palatable cuisine. Its head is added to the stock, which is used to cook the rice, and then transfigured into a crispy chip. Its alluring body is brushed with citrusy olive oil that helps bring out the best of its flavour. The Carabineros is to be savoured with classy Wiener Gemischter Satz wine with the right balance between sweetness and bitterness. It’s time to take a short break before the next best thing with some small bites. Delectable Caviar Bun and mouth-watering Abalone are served with rare Savoie Chignin-Bergeron wine with amazing aftertaste. Before the experience ends, they make sure that I am satiated with special Meat Loaf, a homey menu that is turned into an impressionable encounter. It is a combination of A4 Hokkaido Wagyu and A5 Australian Wagyu, topped with truffle, served alongside with peach jam and mashed potato. It’s stunning how such simple-looking food can taste and smell elegantly good. Granny

In just a few minutes after my arrival in Phuket, I enter a paradise of meticulousity, where history meets creativity. Hidden behind a mid-sized entrance is a gigantic place that feels like a tropical getaway of my dream, filled with wondrous trees and pleasing-to-the-eyes spaces. Being art-and-service-oriented, The Slate defines its own “new luxury”, which is alluring enough to attract peace-seekers from all over the world, and none of whom leaves without pleasant memories. SETTING THE SCENE The idea behind The Slate is originally derived from Phuket’s history of tin mining combining with fine aesthetics, resulting in a one-off stay that keeps the mind beautifully sane with the finesse of Bill Bensley, the mastermind behind the hotel’s design excellence. Right from the lobby, I get to study one-off antiques, which are appliances that were once in use, and spend some time in an in-house art gallery. It’s magical how every single detail is beautifully curated, and even choices of plants that forms vast tropical garden here are stunning. Also, with a family pool that resembles a refreshing oasis, 2 gorgeous adult-only infinity pools with pool bars, and the Nai Yang Beach within one-minute walk, I can beat the heat whenever I want to, in fascinating ways. GETTING COMFORTABLE The 177 well-appointed villas and suites ensure you can find your dream stay with utmost privacy, while staying so close to nature. My nights in a Pearl Bed Suite are soul-soothing thanks to comfy bed and the gorgeous scent in the air, as well as the outdoor bathtub. A seamless fuse between bold and unlaxing designs is one of the amazements The Slate has to offer. If you are seeking a long, indulgent getaway, The Slate is undoubtedly the place. The Bensley Suite with a plunge pool is a crown jewel of design with sophisticated details, where every inch is the work of art. Pool Villas at The Slate are like dreams that come true, presenting themselves as artsy houses in the midst of lush verdure. DINING OPTIONS To specify a strong suit of this place is quite a difficult thing to do, as other scenes here, in addition to the wondrous accommodations, are as compelling. You won’t need to leave the place for a special meal, as the outlets at The Slate serves delectable excellence to your table from day to night, whether you want to savour authentic Japanese cuisine at Rivet & Rebar, truly Thai tastes at Black Ginger, or international fares at Tin Mine, not to mention the restaurants’ ambience and design that are strikingly exquisite. If you are here on Sunday, never miss the brunch whatsoever. WHY I’D RETURN  There are a lot more creative wonders to be discovered here. If my soul feels weary, I would definitely fly myself Phuket and just relish in the days at The Slate to come out more rejuvenated than ever. ONE OR TWO QUIBBLES… I cannot think of one. THE SLATE 116 Moo 1,  Saku, Thalang, Phuket  83110, Thailand T. +66 (0) 76 327 006 W. FACEBOOK @theslatephuket INSTAGRAM @theslatephuket   Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit

Hidden away by the beach and in the embrace of lush mountains, Ta Khai at Rosewood Phuket has become one of the must-check-out spots in Phuket presenting the best of Southern flavours with local ingredients. In the marvellous setting, the restaurant offers a one-off indulgence into mellow dishes made from nutritious local produce and fresh catches. Some of the ingredients are sourced right from the on-site garden. On the menu is a myriad of Thai favourites that may sound familiar, but the experience at Ta Khai is totally different, mostly thanks to the secret magic the chefs put in every single dish. Southern’s must-try Moo Hong (THB 460), braised pork with black pepper and garlic, melts in my mouth with ultimate tenderness and flavour. Gaeng Som Pla Gao (THB 460), spicy and sour black grouper curry, comes with the right level of spiciness and tangible freshness on the fish. Not to be missed is Pla Tod Rad Prik Sabparot (price varies) that combines all flavours harmoniously, plus pleasant crispiness. Cocktails served at Ta Khai make a great match with the food, as they creatively add subtle Southern scents into each glass. Galangal Negroni (THB 450) here does not taste too boozy, and it is a very charming drink, thanks to the scent of fresh galangal. If you like it exotic, try Tom Yum Moscow Mule (THB 450), made to be completely enjoyable with a subtle bit of Tom Yum. Made with perennial passion for Southern cuisine, every single dish served at Ta Khai is undoubtedly a heavenly experience that will make your casual evening feel special.   TA KHAI AT ROSEWOOD PHUKET 88/28, 88/30-33 Muen-Ngern Road, Patong, Kathu, 83150 Phuket, Thailand T. +66 (0) 76 356 888 E. W.   Text by Pakvipa Rimdusit Photos by Nissorn Somrattanakul

In the course of the lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus, nature gets a chance to take some rest and revive itself. Creatures that are scarcely seen during normal days make a heart-warming return, including turtles. At Koh Samui, some turtle mothers has laid eggs on the shore during the quiet time. With attentive help from environmentalist beachfront resorts, the newborns are safe from nest to nest, and there could possibly be more baby turtles hatching here in the future. It is completely wonderful to be able to witness the birth of such endangered animals. During the past few months, some 200 green turtles (Chelonia mydas) has been born on the secluded beach at Banyan Tree Samui resort, under watchful protection of the hotel's resident marine biologist, Thepsuda Loyjiw and her team. Since a giant mother turtle laid the eggs in late February and early March, they’ve matured in the protective custody of Loyjiw’s team and the local Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. Luckily, these babies survived from natural predators in this protected area thanks to the 5-star hotel's professional sustainability team. Recently, Banyan Tree Samui was recognised by EarthCheck as meeting the highest standards  for environmentalism in the country. Watch the hatchlings here:   Earlier this month, 87 endangered turtle eggs were discovered on the strech of beach at Silavadee Pool Spa Resort. Back in 2012, the resort had found turtle eggs and has become their home since then, where the mother turtle regularly returned every two years. Having been working closely with Marine and Coastal Resources Research Center of Chumphon province, the resort's team has obtain good knowledge on how to look after the turtle nest. The most recent nest has been kept safe with an enclosure to protect the eggs from potential predators, for the eggs to hatch naturally in the next 50-6- days, and letting the baby turtles returning to the sea, their true home, straight away. The return of the endangered mother turtle every two years may indicate this luxury resort's successful "back to nature" concept and practices.

Globally, the Aman collection is renowned for its architectural and design brilliance, along with unparalleled seclusion, first-rate hospitality, refined hints of local culture, and being set amidst pristine nature. To find the right Aman for you, we have compiled a list of Aman destinations adhering to your future special occasions.   THE WEDDING OF YOUR DREAM Amanpuri, Thailand On a private peninsular of Phuket's Andaman Sea, Amanpuri is designed to reflect the country’s classic architectural style in harmony with its idyllic natural surrounds. With its beautiful isolation, plus its dreamlike beauty, a wedding at Amanpuri makes the celebration even more memorable. Amanyara, Turks and Caicos Islands In the midst of the Atlantic Ocean, on the northwest coast of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos islands, Amanyara is a remote coastal retreat with striking architecture and natural beauty of Amanyara means that almost every turn reveals yet another spot suitable for the exchanging or renewing of vows. Amangiri, USA Amangiri, located in the middle of unique Utah's landscape, your special ceremony can be completely one-of-a-kind, as it can be held across the resort, from on the resort’s patio to the desert, framed by the surrounding dunes, mountains and plateaus.   JUST-THE-TWO-OF-US CELEBRATIONS Amanpulo, Philippines Set on a remote private island of Pamalica, at Amanpulo, the entire untouched paradise is all yours. With the powder white beach, gleaming turquoise sea, and vibrant reefs, this is an ideal haven for a romantic getaway. Aman Venice, Italy Aman Venice is situated in a 16th-century Palazzo on the Grand Canal at the best spot to feel the "Venice" way, together with private gardens, interior arts, and opulent design. The venue stands out for a myriad of reasons, in addition to its glamorous beauty. For those who seek somewhere romantic, this is the place. Amanjena, Morocco Revel in the Marrakech romance under date palms and olive trees at Amanjena.   GROUP RETREATS Amanruya, Turkey At Amanruya, you can enjoy the breeze and dazzling waters of the beach club with your friends and family, or play some fun water sports together. No matter what activity you choose, it's always a marvelous time. Amanzoe, Greece Amanzoe's collection of villas comprises various kind of stay from one to nine bedrooms, along with the ultimate privacy on the side of the Peloponnese Peninsula. Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro On Montenegro's coastline, Aman Sveti Stefan is set on both a historic island of Sveti Stefan and the mainland at 19th-century Villa Milocer. The palatial resort is embraced by rich history of the location, as well as soul-soothing nature. Amangani, USA In one of the most astonishing spots in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Amangani is set at the foot of Teton mountains, enveloped by 2 spectacular national parks, making it more than ideal for outdoor activities in both summer and winter, while promising gorgeous panorama of wilderness all year round.   FAMILY FUNS Amanera, Dominican Republic For lovers of adventure, Amanera on the legendary Playa Grande Beach can be your family's adventure base to explore the Dominican charisma, and to have fun with adventures in the nature such as kite surfing, mountain exploration, or even a golf-course nearby. Amansara, Cambodia In Cambodia's famous historic city of Siem Reap, Amansara

There are many reasons why Bali is one of the most favourite destinations for many of us. The Island of Gods appeals to soul searchers, swanky crowds to luxury travellers. No matter what you are seeking, once seems never enough, for your next getaway to this magnificent island of Indonesia, we have compiled a must-try list. Check these places out.   COME INDULGE Cliff Edge Spa Cabana Alila Uluwatu takes spa pampering to the next level with the newly unveiled Cliff Edge Spa Cabana set atop the breathtaking Uluwatu Cliff. Spa goers will be swept away in an exclusive open-air cabana for two, perched 100 metres above the sea. Unwind in a specially curated 120-minute spa treatment whilst enjoying uninterrupted view of the Indian Ocean and the soothing sounds of the crashing waves and chirping birds. This ultimate indulgence encompasses a refreshing foot soak, a choice of Balinese or Therapeutic massage, sound healing and a rejuvenating eye ritual.   COME DINE Sensorium Looking for an Australian café? Head to Sensorium, the café that feels like it is straight out of a quaint neighbourhood in Melbourne. Located in the hip Canggu, the place evokes your senses with the décor inspired by cosy Australian interior fused with Japanese simplicity and minimalism. William Lim, Chef-Owner, brings his childhood memories to modern Australian Brunch with Asian twist; try our favourites - Brunch Raman Soup topped with 62c egg, pickled daikon, wild mushrooms, chicken roulade and delicious chicken dashi, or Textural of Mushrooms served with homemade seaweed paste, kailan, fried onion and rye bread. Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.31A - Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali Mauri Chef Maurizio Bombini is no stranger to the culinary scene in Bali. Chef Maurizio, previously at Bulgari and Ritz Carlton Mandapa, now serves up to his very own contemporary Italian restaurant - Mauri in the heart of bustling Seminyak. The menu celebrates the culture, food and beauty of Maurizio’s hometown – Apulia region. A glass-enclosed show kitchen takes the centre stage, propped with five-seat chef counter for up-close and personal interaction. The main dining area is designed to be an intimate space for only 40 seats whilst the Mezzanine bar offers aperitivo-style cocktails and light bites. Jl Petitenget No 100, Seminyak   COME SHOP John Hardy Seminyak Boutique Bali is a paradise for shopping, so don’t miss artisan handcrafted jewellery by John Hardy. Each distinctive collection conveys evocative symbolism and honours the transmission of creative energy from the artist to the wearer. Stop by the newly launched John Hardy Concept Boutique in central Seminyak which caters handcrafted John Hardy jewellery, brand artifacts, and purchasable local artisan goods — ranging from textiles to ceramics to incense — that further bring Balinese culture to life. The boutique also hosts workshops, seminars, and immersive experiences designed to more deeply introduce you to the rich creative traditions and diversity of Bali. After your shopping spree, stop by the kitchen to try out an evolving menu created in collaboration with Locavore — a renowned local restaurant — highlighting the farmers, fishers, and slow food artisans of Indonesia, as well as

Commanding a prime position on the magnificent shores of Krabi’s Klong Muang Beach, Dusit Thani Krabi Beach Resort offers 240 spacious and comfortable guest rooms and suites spread out in 8 units of low-rise buildings that intertwine beautifully with lush tropical gardens and ponds. Superb facilities include a plethora of dining options featuring cuisines from across the globe, two outstanding swimming pools, fitness center, spa and a host of fun water sport activities including sailing, snorkeling, kayaking and speedboat excursions to unspoiled tropical islands in the Andaman Sea. The resort has recently introduced a holistic “BeWell” program that is designed to improve lives through fitness and wellness and to provide experiences that have long-lasting, positive and health-enhancing benefits. Innovative and flexible, “BeWell” consists of 6 individual premium retreats - Muay Thai; Fitness; Spa & Wellness; Weight Loss; Yoga; Active Wellbeing. The retreats makes full use of  Dusit Thani’s wonderful fitness and spa facilities. DFiT, Krabi’s biggest and best equipped fitness center, provides a comprehensive selection of free weights, state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment, tennis and badminton courts and a professional-standard Muay Thai ring; The aptly named Linger Longer Spa, set in tranquil, calming surrounds, offers a carefully chosen menu of health, beauty and massage treatments that combine a global fusion of influences from Bali, Thailand, Hawaii, Japan and China. Each “BeWell” retreat runs for 3 - 14 days (up to 21 days for the Weight Loss retreat) and can be structured to meet the needs of every individual, to ensure the perfect balance between “BeWell” and holiday leisure time. Each includes a health and wellness consultation, personal training in the chosen activity, a selection of massages at Linger Longer Spa, access to over 30 weekly group classes and free use of all facilities at DFiT. Resort General Manager, Urs Lienhard explained the reasoning behind the introduction of “BeWell”…”We want to provide something for everyone who visits us here at this beautiful spot on the Andaman Sea. Our aim with the “BeWell” program is to help create the perfect holistic time away from home by bringing balance to a vacation so that when people move on they feel healthier, energized and revitalized.”

A pioneer in transformative wellness practices, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand, has announced the launch of Chiva-Som Online Wellness Services, to provide support and encourage individuals to maintain wellness goals during this unprecedented time. The Chiva-Som Online Wellness Services will be provided by wellness advisors, practitioners and experts. The services include some of ChivaSom’s most popular services including consultations, activities and physical training, all of which will be conducted one-on-one. Chiva-Som has delivered its proven holistic wellness therapies to guests worldwide for over 25 years. In these challenging times, maintaining physical and mental wellbeing is much needed. The new tele-therapy service at Chiva-Som will connect individuals with the resort’s team to provide bespoke professional support during this time of heightened anxiety and social isolation. Participants will be able to speak directly to the experienced wellness team live from home via video communication and receive personalised feedback regarding lifestyle and nutrition. Chiva-Som is also sharing a collection of on-demand, inspirational wellness content and hands-on tools across the resort’s digital channels to help everyone adapting to a new way of life within the limits of home. From healthy cuisine recipes and holistic wellbeing advice, to virtual exercise programmes and self-training tutorials, all curated by the resort’s world-class team of trainers and education facilitators, to keep the body and mind active and healthy whilst the resort is closed. Example features include tips on boosting the immune system and how to promote restful sleep; Pilates, yoga and meditation sessions; pranayama classes; and tutorials to teach to self-massage at home. These are available on Chiva-Som’s blog, Facebook chivasomresort, Instagram @chivasomresort and YouTube Chiva-Som International Health Resort channels. “Now is a time for support, collaboration and encouragement. We are committed to our guests and community, in which we are striving to distribute our wellness resources to support people’s wellbeing without boundaries. We shall pass this together.” said Krip Rojanastien, Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som. The Complimentary Online Wellness Services are available daily from now to 31st May 2020. Please note that a reservation is required and should be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Individuals will receive a live health and wellness consultation, and a separate one-on-one consultation with a Naturopath, or a physiotherapy or exercise session with a practitioner. The selection of consultation, treatment and exercise session will be based on the advisor’s expert guidance. For more information or to reserve a session, please email or visit or call telephone at +66 32 536 536.

ON THE FAR SOUTH COAST OF THE ANDAMAN SEA, THE MERGUI ARCHIPELAGO REMAINED UNTOUCHED UNTIL THE 1990s WHEN IT OPENED TO TOURISTS. HOME TO JAM-PACKED WOODS, VAST CORAL REEFS, DENSE MARINE AND ON-GROUND LIVES, WONDERFUL GEOMORPHOLOGY, HEALTHY ECOSYSTEMS, AS WELL AS OVER 1,000 NOMADIC PEOPLE, THE MERGUI ARCHIPELAGO DOES NOT OFFER JUST A DAZZLING BEACHFRONT GETAWAY, BUT THE “REAL” WAY OF RECONNECTING TO THE EARTH, AND GETTING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT ON A DEEPER LEVEL.   Out of over 800 islands in this archipelago, I luckily got to spend relaxing days amidst awesome quietude on Kyun Pila or the Pila Island, where birds joyously sing, the forest remains dense, and the beach stays naïve. It feels so hopeful to know that a land this pristine still exists. ASHORE AND AQUATIC CREATURES The area that is presently Myanmar has long been dense with precious natural resources, marine lives and flourishing forests. Many parts of the country, luckily, are still left unscathed, but also many of them are run-down, mainly due to insufficient information on their significance provided to the locals, as well as inadequate proper plans to protect and restore them. Ecosystems work in a variety of ways in different parts of the world, and Mergui Archipelago, being distant from the mainland, has unique ones. On the Pila Island, it is an ideal spot to observe healthy onland and underwater lives, which are not as disturbed as other easilyaccessible scenes. As the sea is indeed inseparable from the land, keeping them both robust is a vital act. Even though “leaving nature alone” might as well be the best strategy to get them to revive, it can take too much time, and human beings can be very helpful with the right means, competent knowledge, and respect for the lives out there. INTO THE WILD I have been to many islands before, but on this wonderful Pila Island, it is an experience like never before. As a private island with an environmentally friendly resort, every spot comes with serenity and natural wonders! Strolling on the soft sands, I am stunned by captivating, enigmatic rock formations on the shore, which looks especially breathtaking when the tide is low in early morning. Stepping closer, I find the rocks are home to countless crabs. I keep coming back on this tiny adventure of mine, observing the crab community I have never seen before. Aside from rock crabs, hermit crabs hidden in artsy shells are another magic of the island. Birdwatching is a thing to do when you are at Awei Pila Resort. Mitch Hawkins, the recreation manager at the resort will bring you around to spot birds, explain their lovely behaviours, and distinguish the sound of their songs from one another. Chances are you’ll find some kingfishers, white-rumped shamas, racked-tailed drongos, and other tuneful creatures. Along the birdwatching way or the hike to nearby villages, soaring trees with its own ecosystem are all over the places, warranting the robustness of the nature of this distant island. Wildlife such as meerkats, wild pigs, and more are still there in the forest, but they do