Thailand’s Breathtaking New Lifestyle Destination Unveiled – Beyond Skywalk Nangshi

The southern Thailand hospitality Icon, Kata Group, marking 40 years of hospitality reign by unveiling “Colors of Beyond” – a transformative rebrand for the Beyond resorts and a splash of excitement into vacations. A 500-million-baht investment in Beyond Skywalk Nangshi, a sky-high landmark destined to attract global travelers. This is more than a facelift – it’s Kata Group redefining hospitality and painting unforgettable experiences onto Southern Thailand’s canvas.


Unforgettable Phang Nga Adventure Awaits at Beyond Skywalk Nangshi!

Forget the ordinary and step into an exhilarating escape at Beyond Skywalk Nangshi in Thailand’s stunning Phang Nga Province. Here, 500 million baht has been poured into crafting a 57-room haven that caters to every travel style and budget. Thrill-seekers will conquer their fears on Thailand’s highest and longest glass-floored viewing platform, while nature lovers soak in panoramic vistas from the infinity pool. Couples can create lasting memories amidst verdant valleys, and families can embark on unforgettable adventures together.

Beyond Skywalk Nangshi redefines the Phang Nga experience with its diverse room types, each promising a unique perspective on the surrounding beauty. Seaview Tent, these cozies 23 sq m tents offer comfort and style, blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature, imagine waking up to the gentle murmur of waves and a panoramic sunrise over the sparkling sea. Forest Tent, nestled amidst lush greenery, these 23 sq m tents promise a tranquil escape. Breathe in the fresh air and wake up to the symphony of birdsong, surrounded by the emerald embrace of the forest. Seaview Pavilions, climb the stairs to ultimate relaxation in these 30-31 sq m pavilions. Located in a charming two-story building, they boast sweeping views of Samet Nangshi’s pristine beauty, offering a haven of luxury just steps from the beach. Pool Villa, unwind in a private oasis with one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas. Featuring a refreshing pool or Jacuzzi, stunning sunrise views, and a distinctive design, these villas offer the ultimate escape for couples or solo travelers.

A noteworthy feature is the ‘Beyond Skywalk,’ recognized as the tallest and longest glass-floor walkway in Thailand. Spanning 180 meters and positioned 80 meters above sea level, the walkway comprises three layers of thick glass (30 mm), capable of supporting weights up to 500 kilograms per square meter. It reveals dazzling turquoise waters with stunning clarity. Every step feels like hovering, every glance offers a breathtaking perspective. Admission to Beyond Skywalk, which includes food and drink credits, is priced at 500 baht for adults, 300 baht for students/children, and free for young children (during the launch period until February 29).

Beyond Skywalk Nangshi offers a smorgasbord of delights beyond its breathtaking skywalk. Fuel your adventures at Horizon, an all-day restaurant serving delectable cuisine with a panorama that’ll leave you speechless. Or grab a casual bite and invigorating coffee at Skywalk Café, the perfect spot to soak in the laid-back vibes.

Afterward, take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool on the 4th floor of the Upper Lobby building. Breathe in the fresh air as the Andaman Sea stretches before you, a shimmering turquoise canvas dotted with emerald islands.

Island adventures beckon. Glide through mangrove-lined canals in a traditional longtail boat, a symphony of birdsong and shimmering water weaving around you. Explore iconic landmarks like James Bond Island with its dramatic limestone karsts, discover hidden coves on Hong Island, snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs at Panak Island, or wander through the charming floating village of Panyee. Immerse yourself in the rich culture of local communities, visiting bustling gypsy villages and soaking up the warmth of Thai hospitality.

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