Experience the Novelty Taste of Japan’s Famous Hokkaido Milk Gelato

With the great feedback and popularity, the first branch has received at Siam Takashimaya, “AZABU SABO” – Japan’s famous Homemade Hokkaido Milk Gelato Shop has become one of the top check-in spots of Icon Siam. The higher demands from Thai Gelato fans along with requests for new branches have reached the Japanese Restaurant Expert – JAO Prosperity Company Limited – and the decision has been made with the latest branch at Central World (7th fl.) complimented by new interiors and menus.

AZABU SABO features Gelato type of the frozen dessert with the specialty rich texture that allow the treat to be served with the high tips that hold. The ingredients mainly sourced from Japan include the main ingredient of 100% authentic farm fresh Hokkaido milk which are expertly crafted with secret recipes and techniques resulting in distinctive gelato flavors available at AZABU SABO only!

The special features that have all fallen in love range from the specially designed cones imported from Japan either the choice of Single Cone (triangular cone) or Double Cone (rectangular cone) onto over 30 delectable flavors to choose and combine. The top 2 most recommended flavors are “Green Teas” with the choices of original green tea, Genmai roasted rice green tea, red bean green tea and the all-time favorite “Hokkaido Milk”.

The flavor selections at AZABU SABO are categorized into 1) Green Teas Selection with Original Green Tea – the robust one for true green tea lovers, Red Bean Green Tea – with the added texture from the delicious red bean paste, Genmaicha Roasted Rice Green Tea – the pleasing, soft and aromatic milky flavor, and Hojicha Burnt Roasted Rice Tea for the earthy Hojicha fans 2) Fruity Selection with the fresh Hokkaido milk base the fruity selection offers flavors inlcuding Strawberry, Double Berries, Durian made with authentic Golden Pillow Durian, Mango made with Mahachanok mango, Yuzu with authentic Japanese imports, Black Sesame – with the secret recipe for the smoothest nutritious flavor, Passion Fruit and Avocado 3) Western Classics Selection including Maple Syrup Walnuts with crunchy crackers, Cookie and Cream, Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Chips 4) Milky Chocolate and Coffee Selection including Chocolate Banana, Cocoa Pop, Chocolate, Oreo, Coffee and Rum Raisin and last but not least 5) Hokkaido Milk Selection including the must-try Hokkaido Milk, Caramel, Choc Chips and Vanilla.

For the Double Cone mix and match, it is recommended to pair milky with tea or fruity flavors and not the fruity with the teas. One of the best combinations is Cookie and Cream with Black Sesame which mix really nicely and create the best palette cleansing duo!

The latest AZABU SABO on the 7th floor of Central World provides over 15 seats for the gelato lovers who want to taste the different gelato flavors offering in various menus including soft ice-cream, parfait, and drinks as well as the new branch’s exclusives as follow,

1. “SLUSH” – the light and fragrant blended treat is made with Hokkaido milk and snowy ice drizzled in specialty syrups. Choose from 2 snowy bases, Hokkaido milk and Green Tea Hokkaido Milk then 2 syrup flavors, Matcha Syrup or Hojicha Syrup. We recommend the Double Matcha duo with Green Tea Hokkaido Milk Slush and Matcha Syrup or Double Tea duo with Green Tea Hokkaido Milk Slush and Hojicha Syrup for a sophisticated flavor of slight Matcha bitterness toned down by the pleasing Hojicha drizzle. The “SLUSH” can be paired with any toppings of your choice including konjac jelly, brown sugar jelly, brown sugar syrup, red bean paste, etc.

2. “Original Bubble Tea” Gelato – inspired by the well-loved bubble tea, the latest flavor was made with the shop’s original blend of various tea leaves resulting in a unique, refreshing and fragrant original tea. Infused into farm fresh Hokkaido milk with the brand’s secret recipe and voila! We have rich and smooth soft ice-cream with the original blend aroma and the added fun from the Taiwanese style brown sugar bubble toppings freshly mixed into every cone.

Try the famous Hokkaido Milk Gelato and parade of lovingly crafted new menus today at the latest branch of AZABU SABO “Central World – 7th Floor”, Siam Takashimaya (Ground fl.), The Market Ratchaprasong (1st fl.) and the newly launched Central Ladprao.