Jaspal X Orla Kiely: When The 1960s Fashion Meets Thailand Pop’s Colours

“Jaspal X Orla Kiely” is the collection for this year that represents a collaboration between Thai brand Jaspal and British Brand with Irish designer Orla Kiely whose world-renowned works are her unique print patterns. Her works have gained acceptance from Fashionista and celebrities all over the world-including Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge, Kirsten Dunst – Hollywood Star, and Alexa Chung – Iconic Fashionista.

“The Jaspal X Orla Kiely” Collection showcases the glamor of the print patterns that are individual signatures of Orla Kiely. Her print patterns have become popular on a global scale. She has reinforced her reputation via the success of at the Fashion and Textile Museum Exhibition, London, England. Our collection has been redesigned combining the 1960s fashion and Thailand pop’s colors. The main components of this collection comprise patterns of flowers, animals, geometry, and the young girl named Lola in a combination of bright color tones such as yellow, blue, and green. This redesign bases the concept of “Happy prints that make you smile” and to communicate femininity, happiness, fun, and nature via several types of fashion. The idea is to allow Fashionista to enjoy the mix and match print patterns.

Lola print pattern is the highlight of this collection. It depicts a cartoon character of a girl wearing glasses. This chic design is a mixture of geometrical patterns-circular face, glasses in circular flower shapes, and lips in heart form. The design was well thought out and seamless to give an impression of femininity, brightness, the fun of the character. The products coming under this collection include T-shirts and handbags for young girls, and they are in line with the Girlish fashion trend.

Another feature of the Jaspal X Orla Kiely Collection is that it is the first collaboration between the Orla Kiely and Thai brand Jaspal in Thailand. Not only that there will be fashionable clothes and accessories for women, but for children to mix and match as well such as umbrellas, glasses, pillows, notebooks, bean backs.

Jaspal fan club is invited to experience “Jaspal X Orla Kiely” Collection starting August 15, 2019 at all Jaspal Branches throughout the country. A special promotion is available for customers who participate in our AR activity. You simply use a smartphone to take pictures of pop up flower print patterns inside the branch and post them on #JaspalxOrlaKiely. The promotion is set to start from August 15 to 31, 2019 at participating Jaspal branches and Online Store at