‘Locanation’ – The New Face of Travel Marketplace for Both Hoteliers and Travelers

To take Thailand’s tourism to the new heights, Locanation has been recently launched as ‘the first ever social-travel marketplace’, aiming to be the platform that serves both hoteliers and travelers.

For hotels, Locanation make a difference by charging zero commission fees and allow hotels to communicate with their customers directly and vice versa, being the world’s first hotel booking platform with these policies. Without having to pay extra charges, participating hotels are able to offer more special privileges and promotion to travelers booking through Locanation, so there are benefits for both parties.

After having develop the company’s previous product, an ASQ and Phuket Sandbox booking platform, Mr. Pepe Arunanondchai, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Locanation, seeks to solve the pain points in the hospitality industry by eliminating the hotel operators’ burden to pay high commission fees, letting small or non-chain hotels to provide online booking channels, and allowing hotels and guests to communicate directly with one another, in order to help the industry to attain sustainable growth.

Locanation is now ready to accept bookings. Visit now for a stay for your upcoming holiday!