The Sushi Way

Going for an Omakase means it is a big treat for yourself. The simple but precious line of delicacies is carefully curated and crafted in order to fulfill amusement and present the real, authentic taste of the premium ingredients.

At Sushi Ichizu 鮨いちづ, the omakase course is truly true to its taste, with a little touch of the best-practiced cooking skill. There is no smoke or fancy sparkles to sugarcoat the omagaze experience, but the legacy of the recipe and the traditional way the scrumptious food is presented in every bite make a great impression from the first course to the last.

Seasonal Summer Menu is now available

Omakase Course : 8,000++ THB
Mini Omakase Course : 6,000++ THB
Nigiri Course : 4,000++ THB

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Tel: 062-594-6555 or 065-738-9999