8 Cafés to Feel at Home in

As thailand’s café culture gets increasingly worldly, new spots are emerging almost daily. Many are cool, possibly also dramatic places and undoubtedly visit- worthy. The ones that you will return to again and again, however, are likely those that give you a cosy feeling, as if you are at home sharing comforting drinks and tasty bites with your best friends.


Udomsuk and Ari, Bangkok

A Donut House with Hygge Vibes

Speciality: Freshly-baked doughnuts with rich, indulgent fillings.

Setting: Cosy Scandinavian interior design that invites you to enjoy every minute there.

Must-tries: Classic Vanilla / Nutella & Hazelnut / Bacon Cheddar Cheese

Instagram: @dropbydough


Mueang, Chiang Mai


Tea in a Mini Japanese Zen Garden

Speciality: Heavenly green teas from an award-winning farm served in traditional Japanese style, as well as tasty Japanese sweets.

Setting: A mini Zen garden that transports you to a bucolic setting in Japan.

Must-tries: Ikigai Ceremonial Set / Cold Brew Tea / Matcha Roll

Instagram: @magokoro.teahouse


Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok

A House of Hand-Crafted Coffee

Speciality: Coffee made with loving hands, from grinding to brewing in a Flair Espresso Maker to make the perfect cup for you.

Setting: Cosy and minimalist, good for long stretches of time with friends or for working in peace with a perfect cup of ambrosial coffee near at hand.

Must-tries: Dirty / Cold Drip / Cold Brew / Matcha Latte

Instagram: @morethanfeelingbrew


Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok

A Vintage House by the River

Speciality: Speciality coffee made with beans of different origins, brewed with advanced equipment including a Flair Espresso Maker, AeroPress coffee maker, V60 Dripper, and more. If you don’t like being too caffeinated, the milky frappés and fruity smoothies are also very good.

Setting: A small slow life riverside house with vintage décor and pleasant music coming from a vinyl record player.

Must-tries: Breezy Remedy Signature / Dirty Coffee / Lemon Drizzle Cake

Instagram: @remedy.bkk


Sampran, Nakhon Pathom

Garden House of Your Dreams

Speciality: A variety of tastebud-pleasing drinks and sweets.

Setting: A vintage wooden house set in a vast idyllic garden by Thailand’s top landscape designer, with a tranquil pond in which you can paddle around in a little boat.

Must-tries: Mint Chocolate / Matcha Latte Cold / Roselle Soda / Dark Beer Cake



Sutthisan, Bangkok

Welcome to the Barista’s Home

Speciality: Seriously good cups with wicked latte art by Poon, the owner, who has worked as a barista in Melbourne. The latte art in his Babycino is the talk of the town.

Setting: The very friendly atmosphere of Poon’s house, sipping aromatic coffee made by the man himself. This is a café with a personal touch that makes you want to linger.

Must-tries: Dirty / Orange Tonic / Drip Coffee

Instagram: @poonypoonycoffee


Bangna, Bangkok


A Cosy English Tea Room

Speciality: Blissful home-made cakes and bakes inspired by English tea rooms, as well as original house blend teas specially created for this cosy house. The made-to- order birthday cakes will steal your heart, and the organised creative workshops will give you lots of fun.

Setting: The ambience of a cosy English tea room that attracts passers-by and, as you step inside, you will feel as if you are visiting your beloved aunt or grandma who offers the best tea break.

Must-tries: Toffee Coffee / Scone / House Blend Tea

Instagram: @billybillies


Thalang, Phuket

Lotus Deliciousness in Thai-Style House

Speciality: Lotus stem is the special ingredient in a range of creative and delectable Thai dishes, drinks and desserts.

Setting: An airy Thai-style house surrounded by the unique and mesmerising vision of a pond full of giant Victoria Lily pads.

Must-tries: Bua Loy / Saku Melon Latte / Tom Yum Soda / Crispy Lotus Stem Salad

Instagram: @madoobua.phuket