Bangkok Illumination 2020 at ICONSIAM

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of ICONSIAM in splendid style during the festive time of the year, the extravagant illumination event “Bangkok Illumination 2020 at ICONSIAM” will take place from now until 30 December 2020 at ICONSIAM on Charoen Nakhon Road. The large space of the riverside River Park will be dazzlingly lit up with artsy lighting and the longest line of illuminated Christmas trees by the Chao Phraya River.

For the first time, ICONSIAM collaborates with Mike Perry, an Emmy winning artist in 2018 (animation), in designing 2 remarkable patterns for Christmas trees and floating Yi Peng lanterns that combine Thai ness and the universal aspects into one, inspired by Thai temples and a Thai traditional motif called Kra Jung Bai Thed. Additionally, the venue is also illuminated by world-class installation art, Infinity Forest, resembling a vast field of gorgeous lights, created by New York-based design studio “SOFTlab” at Napalai Terrace on the 7th floor of ICONSIAM. More fascinations are illuminated figure project Fantastic Planet at River Park, featuring two giant illuminated humanoid figures that are 7 metres tall, created by Australian visual artist Amanda Parer, whose inspiration comes from the 1973 Czech/ French film Fantastic Planet, a stop motion science fiction film about a world of gargantuan humanoids in distant future.

The 2nd anniversary celebration of ICONSIAM comes with a parade of joyful activities, ICON of HAPPINESS, under the concept of “Magic Comes Alive”, expressing gratitude to customers and giving away discount coupons to be used at ICONSIAM. Many more irresistible deals are also offered.

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