Everyday Luxury

The art of living comes in many different forms, and the luxury of driving is one of them.

Mercedes-Benz introduces the new A-Class model 2023, the A 200 AMG Dynamic, a luxury compact-sized car for taking everyday driving to the next level.

The new A-Class model 2023 reiterates the Entry Luxury character of automobiles under the concept ‘CLASS FOR EVERYDAY’ and is designed to fit with young people’s lifestyles and provide the essential elements such as an agile driving experience, Mercedes-Benz-styled luxury, and a sleek modern sport sedan design altogether. This latest model is also inclusive of both new interior and exterior designs, a new set of standard equipment, and fully equipped technology and security systems like never before.

The new A-Class model A 200 AMG Dynamic is available for 2,320,000 THB.

Available in 4 colours: Polar white, Cosmos black, Iridium silver, and Mountain grey.
For more information and special offers, please contact official Mercedes-Benz dealers nationwide.