Ong Ang Canal Has Won the Global “2020 Asian Townscape Awards”

Ong Ang Canal has become globally well-known after the revitalisation of its canal-side communities. As an affirmation of the project’s success, the Ong Ang Canal Landscape Improvement Project has won the 2020 Asian Townscape Award for Landscape Improvement Project from UN-Habitat Fukuoka. This international recognition is considered the pride of the BMA’s canal and moat regeneration and development projects.

For its accomplishment, this project will be the prototype of further landscape improvement projects across the country. It can also play a significant role as a development model for many countries concerning the effective improvement of landscape in accordance with community’s way of life to bring about good quality of life and positive results in terms of economy, society, and culture.

Thailand is among the 6 countries who were selected to receive the 2020 Asian Townscape Awards, namely Japan, the Republic of Korea, the People’s Republic of China, Nepal and Malaysia. The projects have been implemented alongside the development of environment, public safety and security, as well as arts and culture, with the perfect harmony between urban landscape and lifestyles.

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