Online ‘World Environment Day’ Activities by BMA on 5 June

The fifth of June is recognised as the World Environment Day, designated by the United Nations to raise awareness on environmental issues. Additionally, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has been established to carry out environmental activities that encourage people around the world to jointly take action in environment protection. In 2021, UNEP has announced that this year’s observance of the World Environment Day will be under the theme of ‘Ecosystem Restoration’.

Since 2007, the Department of Environment at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has organised the World Environment Day activities to promote public awareness among all sectors to participate in environmental protection together with world communities. As Thailand still faces the ongoing spread of COVID-19, BMA, in cooperation with UNEP and network partners, will organise environmental activities online under the theme of the Decade of Restoration Towards Sustainable Green Metropolis, campaigning for environmental protection, raising awareness on environmental issues, and inviting people to help restoring ecosystems of the metropolis. The activities will be available as 360° virtual experience.

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