Taste Authentic Western Chinese “La Mian” Noodles at Dynasty Restaurant

There is only one way to make traditional Chinese “la mian” noodles – and that that’s by skillfully hand-pulling the dough, which can often stretch over a meter long! This process creates thick strands that are cut up, quickly boiled just for a minute or two, and then served al dente-style with a choice of toppings. The impressive length of these la mian noodles actually symbolizes longevity – hence why they’re particular popular during the Chinese Lunar New Year.

At Dynasty restaurant, Centara Grand at CentralWorld in Bangkok, you can order a freshly-prepared serving of la mian all year round. Choose to have them in a broth or without (‘dry”), with our signature toppings including premium ingredients like Cantonese-style prawn with La Mian and Sichuan sauce or Wagyu eef La Mian “Hong Kong style”.

Special la mian dishes to look out for on Dynasty’s menu include:

  • “Tom Yum” with sea bass
  • “Ma La” with spicy numbing Sichuan pepper sauce
  • “Zha Jiang Sauce” with minced pork and fermented soy beans

For more information or reservations, please contact +66 (0) 2 100 6255 or email