The Great Walks’ Marvelous Tracks to Beat in New Zealand

The great outdoors has always been a thing in New Zealand thanks to the country’s sensational landscapes full of skyscraping mountains, dense woodlands, and soul-soothing rivers. A road trip may offers you convenience as you relish the nature’s glamour, but trekking allows you to access off-the-beaten places and provide you with one-of-a-kind immersive experiences amidst stunning nature.

If you are up for some adventures, the stunning Great Walks may already be in your bucket list. Here are some of the multi-day treks in New Zealand that you should not miss:


Abel Tasman Coast Track
Easy / 2–5 days

Ideal for beginners and families with young children, the Abel Tasman Coast Track lets you easily stroll along the well-marked trails and overnight at huts or campsites (advance booking is required). It takes just around 2-4 hours per day, and the terrain is relatively flat, so it’s good for people of all ages. In addition, you may opt for kayaking in the pristine ocean if you want to add a different zest of adventure to your trip!

More details on the Abel Tasman Coast Track: HERE


Rakiura Track
Easy to intermediate / 3 days

The 32-km circuit takes hikers on an island adventure along open coastline. The trail’s peaceful surroundings are top-notch and it offers you a chance to discover Māori land and early Māori settlement sites, as well as to spot tokoeka, the native brown kiwi. Being the southernmost Dark Sky Sanctuary, Stewart Island can surprise you with breathtaking Southern Lights.

More details on the Rakiura Track: HERE

Heaphy Track
Intermediate / 4–6 days

For those who are ready to embark on a bit more adventurous days, this ancient trail in the Kahurangi National Park is a great choice. The lush track was once walked by Māori pounamu (jade) hunters, and you can discover native plants, ancient rocks, and rare wildlife including the great spotted kiwi and Poweilliphanta, world’s largest carnivorous snail. Mountain biking is allowed from May to November.

More details on the Heaphy Track: HERE


Routeburn Track
Intermediate / 2–4 days

This trail lets you revel in otherworldly landscapes within both Mount Aspiring National Park and Fiordland National Park. What you’ll find along the way are soaring mountains, majestic valleys, cascading falls, and gleaming lakes, as well as native birds. Different seasons offers you different challenges and vistas, but if you are not an experienced hiker with full-option hiking gears, it’s better to take a walk in the Great Walks season from November to April.

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Milford Track
Intermediate to difficult / 4 days

Optimal for trekking from October to April, the historical route is known as the ‘world’s finest walk’ thanks to its jaw-dropping sceneries that can be witness throughout the tramp – mesmerising waterfalls, untouched nature, and awe-inspiring mountains. This is quite a challenging hike so make sure you are fit and well-equipped enough for steep terrains and lengthy distance in each day.

More details on the Milford Track: HERE



Source: New Zealand Tourism

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