ฺBangkok Governor Invites You to Join ‘Virtual Fun Run’ for the BMA’s 50th Anniversary

Recently at Wachirabenchatat Park (Rot Fai Park) in Chatuchak District, Bangkok Governer Mr. Chadchart Sittipunt has led the executives of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) and the general public to participate in the ‘Virtual Fun Run’, as part of the celebration of the BMA’s 50th anniversary. It’s been half a century already that the BMA has been established to manage the Bangkok Metropolis and take care of Bangkok residents, expats, as well as tourists, all together more than 10 million people, to ensure safety and better quality of life.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. To celebrate this special occasion, the governor would like to invite the general public to participate in 9 activities that are available on, many of which can be participated until the Establishment Day of the BMA on 14 December 2022.

The BMA has organised various online and offline activities for people to participate in, using blended approach, including sharing impressionable photos of Bangkok to win the prize; getting to know more about the city and the development of Bangkok through trips and canal cruises; advertising and promoting online shops; introducing good products and delish foods from hidden spots all over Bangkok; volunteering, etc.

One of the most interesting activities is the BMA’s Virtual Fun Run, which can be joined from now until 31 July 2022. Participants should complete a total running distance of 10km by the deadline. The activity aims to encourage people to start running regularly for their better health.

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