“Greater Good Grants” by Banyan Tree Global Foundation

For the first time in 11 years, Banyan Tree Global Foundation affirms its being a socially and environmentally responsible business with the launch of Greater Good Grants, aiming to support innovative and impactful projects across 6 areas that align to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Group‘s core ethos of ‘Embracing the Environment, Empowering People’. In addition to awarding project grants through the operating properties, the foundation is now inviting NGOs and academics to apply for support.

The Greater Good Grants for Year 2021 officially opens for submission on 28 October until 31 December 2020 SGT, and will invite projects across 6 areas as specified. Project grants are up to USD 10,000, open to all individuals over the age of 18, who have an organisational affiliation. Submissions will be reviewed by the Board of Directors of Banyan Tree Global Foundation and an internal panel of stakeholders. Successful project grantees will be notified by Q1 2021.

Projects will be assessed in their contribution to one or more of the following areas:

  • Biodiversity & Conservation: improve understanding, conservation and management of species and habitats.
  • Resource Use & Waste Management: innovative projects that tackle cradle to grave lifecycle of resources that benefit community, business and the environment.
  • Climate Change & Resilience: elucidate global change and develop resilience in natural and human systems.
  • Education & Empowerment: development of education infrastructure, capacity and delivery to students of any age, with particular focus on disadvantaged members of society.
  • Health & Protection: focus on health and wellbeing in local communities.
  • Culture & Livelihood: development, protection, restoration and stewardship of culture and livelihoods.

For more information and to apply, log on to the Greater Good Grants.