Royal Cliff Wins Prestigious Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA)

The Royal Cliff Hotels Group has set another benchmark for social responsibility excellence by adding the Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA) to its distinctive portfolio of awards and accolades. Its Green Multiples project was lauded and recognized for its creativity, sustainability and effectiveness in lessening environmental pollution.

Recognized as the most coveted CSR award in Asia and widely regarded as the gold standard for sustainability practice, leading organizations from all over the region received the AREA, demonstrating continued dedication to responsible business practices despite the pandemic. Winners were determined not just by their efforts and results, but also by such criteria as a connection to the community, identification of needs, the effectiveness of implementation, ability to reach the target audience, impact, leadership involvement, and continuity.

The project highlights reusing various resources within the organization to maximize cost-effectiveness and help reduce environmental pollution. Utilizing 5 initiatives, the Royal Cliff team came up with creative means to reuse the same product in a variety of ways. With CSR remaining an essential part of the company’s culture, the project underlines its drive to take socially responsible actions through creating public awareness to conserve resources, using organic wastes to produce biogas, making organic fertilizers and operating a large-scale wastewater treatment plant which has presented a sustainable long-term solution to water scarcity in the area. The award has enhanced Royal Cliff’s resolve to not only do more with regards to corporate social investment but also, to help continually address sustainability challenges confronting the hospitality industry.