“Van Gogh. Life and Art” at the Museum of Digital Art Bangkok

In the 19th century, Vincent Van Gogh created 930 paintings, 1,100 drawing and sketches without gaining recognition for his artistic geniusness throughout his life time. The life of the influential post-impressionist painter has came into the world’s spotlight after his passing, and he has been recognised as one of the most respected prodigies since then. His works signify his melancholic emotional and spiritual conditions, developed by the life he had lead, which is filled with suffering, yet they look somewhat romantic in one-off ways.

The interactive multimedia “Van Gogh. Life and Art” at the Museum of Digital Art Bangkok (MODA) presents an immersive experience of investigating arts with huge screens to enable you to appreciate the dramatic strokes for which Van Gogh is famous in great details. The exhibition also contains Van Gogh epistolary oeuvre (letters from the artist): quotes about his life and paintings from letters to his brother Theo.

For the first time in Bangkok, “Van Gogh. Life and Art” features more than 300 paintings within a 40-minute extraordinary session. The exhibition opens 4 June until 31 December at MODA Gallery, 2nd floor River City Bangkok. Tickets are on sale here. Stay updated on Facebook or